Outback Australia 2002

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25_Rainbow Valley

26_Rainbow Valley

27_Rainbow Valley

28_Ayers Rock & Olgas

29_Ayers Rock & Olgas

30_Ayers Rock & Olgas

31_Ayers Rock & Olgas

32_Ayers Rock & Olgas

33_Ayers Rock & Olgas

34_Ayers Rock & Olgas

35_Ayers Rock & Olgas

36_Gunbarrel Hwy

37_Gunbarrel Hwy

38_Gunbarrel Hwy

39_Gunbarrel Hwy

40_Gunbarrel Hwy

41_Gunbarrel Hwy

42_Gunbarrel Hwy

43_Gunbarrel Hwy

44_Gunbarrel Hwy

45_Gunbarrel Hwy

46_Gunbarrel Hwy

47_Gunbarrel Hwy

48_Gunbarrel Hwy

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